Hillary Rosen: First The RIAA, Now BP

From Dave Marsh of Rock & Rap Confidential

image from chassen2.files.wordpress.com "We would have thought it well nigh impossible for Democratic Party operative Hilary Rosen to find a more loathsome employer than the Recording Industry Association of America. Roseimage from thebsreport.files.wordpress.comn worked for the RIAA from 1987 to 2003, the last five years as executive director. Under Rosen's watch, the RIAA launched its vicious war against music fans, making the words "file sharer" synonymous with "criminal." Rosen shepherded the draconian Digital Millennium Copyright Act through Congress.

For an encore, Ms. Rosen, in her capacity as a managing partner of the London PR firm Brunswick Group, has been hired by BP to put a pretty face on the oil spill in the Gulf. Rosen is in the familiar company of log-rollers: BP has also hired 27 lobbyists who formerly worked in Congress or the executive branch.
Whether you want to listen to music or live on a planet not poisoned by corporate greed, Hilary Rosen is there to say 'You can't.'

And you thought you lived in a democracy."

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