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HOW TO: Build A Twitter Strategy for Your Band

Megan Berry, a Marketing Manager for Klout, has written a great overview of the questions that businesses need to ask themsevles and consider before crafting a Twitter strategy.  Her five insights are just as applicable to your next band meeting on social media as they are for the boardroom. (via Mashable)twitter-logo

Strategy For Your Band:

  1. Choose Your AudienceWho do you want to reach?
  2. Understand How They Speak – Listen.  Then share.
  3. How Much is a Twitter Lead Worth? – Determine value.
  4. Set A Goal and Track It – Define goals.  Allign metrics with success. 
  5. Define Your Approach – Find a style that matches the cause.

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  1. The thing I like most about this strategy is that the focus in on research, listening and making thoughtful decisions. I wish more people did this before spamming Twitter. Artists are some of the worst offenders. They never vet their sources, they just mail-merge the hell out of anyone sad enough to mention music in their profiles or timelines.
    Thanks for sharing.

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