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This is very cool, and thanks to Hypebot/Mme Berger for providing it. One thing worth mentioning is that she doesn't identify the best way to become a "geek" about your stats: Nimbit (!)

We've got all kinds of tools designed to let you measure not only your sales, but how your marketing and promotions convert to everything from site traffic to fan demographics, and all kinds of (exciting new!) mapping features.

This isn't supposed to be a commercial (BUY NOW!!), but much of what Valerie suggests (and a lot of what she should've) is currently offered in one place by Nimbit. We offer you the ability to find more fans, make more money, and have less hassle. C'est magnifique! www.nimbit.com

The Insider

Yes but Nimbit pays every 30 days

Mike Masnick

Heh. No credit to Techdirt for posting this yesterday? I'm assuming that's where you found it. :)

Bruce Houghton

Mike - I would never deny you props. Kyle IM'd it to me yesterday and I'm not sure where he saw it, but Music Ally has been excerpting it for days.

As we all wrote the real props go to the original author for pulling it all together.


And that's a good thing, right?

Mike Masnick

Heh. I figured as much. Was just joking around. And you're right, all the credit in the world goes to Virginie Berger, who seems to have done a fantastic job.

Suzanne Lainson

I first saw it on Music Think Tank which started running it June 1.


Chris Bracco

same. its pretty good, but i was very disappointed with the last bit on SEO and viral marketing...very vague and not useful


Hi all,

About credit, i think the article should link to http://blog.virginieberger.com/ which is the real Virginie's website.

Owni.fr is just an agregator of plenty of French blogs.

Virginie Berger

Hello Scott,

Thank you for your comment.
I know about Nimbit, but I originally wrote this article for the French/european market.
Nimbit is pretty unknown around here. That is why I did not mention it in this version.

Virginie Berger

Hello Chris,

Sorry for disappointing you on SEO and Viral marketing. I am not specialized in everything, I only try to help with tips and advices.
I agree there is far much more to talk about. Will try to be more specific in a future version.

Virginie Berger

Hi all,

I am the original author, Virginie Berger.
Thank you all for your comments.

Bruce and Mike, thank you very much for posting my article, regardless where you found me.
Thanks for your nice comments to.

France is a no man's land in terms of music marketing, I mean artists and record companies are still working as "before". There is a huge span for improvement music strategie(s) wise.
SO thanks to you, thanks to your articles, it opens my thoughts and keeps me motivated...


Yair Yona

This is a great article. Musicians often forget to take their music serisouly when it comes to bussines.
most of them prefer to have someone else taking care of their career or avoid gigantic elephants in the room.

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