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Korn Boycotts The Use Of BP Oil Products On Tour

And Encourages You to Do the Samebp_logo_color

In a response to the BP oil spill tragedy, the nu-metal act Korn has decided to boycott their products while on tour this summer.  Front man Jonathon Davis went on record saying that each of us needs to “do our part” and “let BP know that there are consequences for causing something like this.”

The band hopes to send a message to Big Oil so that—in the future—companies like BP might take more preventive actions to ensure that such wide scale catastrophes don’t reoccur.  Davis went even further and urged that any band on tour this year should consider boycotting BP’s products as well—that way the company will learn that “there are consequences for causing something like this.”

On a related note, Michael Mechanic over at Mother Jones has published a short quiz What Do BP and Kurt Cobain Have in Common?.  In it, he reveals that many oil fields tend to have some peculiar, yet readily familiar names, and then assigns readers with the task of differentiating whether each item on the list is either a downhill ski run; hard rock/heavy metal band; weapon; oil/gas field in the Gulf of Mexico; or all of the above.

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  1. You know.. There are a ton of small BP gas stations that are owned by local entrepreneurs that just happen to be distributing BP product. Let’s not help drive them out of business.

  2. Agreed. Work to get the guys at the top replaced, don’t punish the hard working folks. No dividend = mad shareholders = desire to change management. The shareholders should feel pain, not the station owner.

  3. All a bit Spinal Tap.
    Boycott a oil company for damaging the environment while traveling on tour in a fleet of oil guzzling planes, trains and automobiles.

  4. Wow, this stern move by a band that no one has listened to for at least 8 years will surely make BP think twice about causing ecological disasters in the future.

  5. I sort of felt the same sense of realism as I was writing this… Its really quite hard to imagine anyone taking this too seriously on the part of BP. Without MTV, the influence of korn is pretty low this last decade.

  6. If Korn really wants to make a difference, they should threaten to release a new album unless BP gets the cleanup done by the end of the year, thought ought to scare them into action 😉

  7. The only power We the People have is to boycott and you are right it is sad that the small gas station owners have to suffer but I choose the safety of our planet over the profit of the gas station owners.

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