MOG Expands To Roku, iPhone

image from Music streaming service MOG has expanded its reach with the a new deal to offer access via the popular Roku tv setup box and Apple's approval of its iPhone app. For $5 -$10 a month, Roku customers can access MOG's 7.5 million songs via
image from their TV sound system or other connected device.  The iPhone app, which should debut in July, has been held up in Apple's app approval hell for more than a month.

MOG has many competitors and like the others, it hopes to be available anywhere a user might want to listen.  “Our goal, when we started MOG, was to deliver MOG everywhere people want to consume music,” said David Hyman, founder and CEO of MOG. “We started by bringing MOG to the PC in December, and then we introduced our mobile app. Now, via our partnership with Roku, the market leader in internet streaming media players, we’re bringing the best digital music experience to people’s living rooms.”

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