RealNetworks Cuts 85, 25% Of Executive Staff

image from www.seeklogo.com Even after the recent spin-off of Rhapsody, RealNetworks continues to struggle. Today the company announced another round of layoffs that include 85 jobs or 6% of the total workforce. The cuts include 25% of its executives and will shrink offices in Europe, Asia and its Seattle headquarters. Real also consolidated its Technology Products and Solutions and Media Software and Services business units.

"This reorganization marks a significant milestone in our transformation of RealNetworks," according to Bob Kimball, president and acting CEO who replaced longtime head Rob Glaser just months ago."Restructuring RealNetworks into functional groups creates a far more efficient organization focused on developing great products that can be delivered through any of our distribution partners."

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  1. pay back sucks.
    this is for all those years when they forced you to download a new real player every week on windows 98.

  2. Having been a big Internet radio listener for years, what I’ve noticed is that I am not using Real Audio any more, at all. It isn’t even installed on my most recent computer: I have not needed it. Four years ago I probably used Real Player every day or two.
    My guess is that flash-based streaming has replaced their service.

  3. I can’t recall a new innovative offering from RealPlayer for a long time. RealPlayer was on my radar way back in my days of dial up 56k modems but the world has moved on. Perhaps the message to be taken out of this development is if you are in this particular business space and your not constantly innovating or growing you’ll disappear…

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