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Refe Tuma Adds To Discussion About OK GO

With regards to a post that ran last week about OK GO and how their their viral marketing efforts overpower their music, Refe Tuma of Creative Deconstruction has written a great follow-up piece, where he asks, Do Viral Music Videos Sell Records?  In it, Tuma takes a closer look at sales for OK GO's album Of the Blue Colour of the Sk and the success of videos tied to the song 'This Too Shall Pass,' trying to determine if the millions of views that the videos generated led to record sales. His answer: not necessarily, or at least not in the case of OK GO.


The whole post is worth the read, but this is my favorite part:

The music video has evolved into an art form of its own, but it remains an important promotional tool. The key for modern artists and bands is to figure out what exactly they are trying to promote. Just an album? Or the diverse streams of art, content and experiences that grow their fan base and make up their livelihood?

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