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Christopher Joel

"Both the recording and broadcast radio industries benefit from their current relationship"

What's the point of making the change then? The government has no business trying "provide more income" for anyone. If someone can't figure out how to make enough money with their business to stay in business, then they can continue and do it for free or go out of business.

Clay Butler

@Christopher - I see you're a musician as well. Currently, only songwriters and publishers get performance royalties for radio airplay. It seems like you would be interested in a legislation that would allow you to get compensated for your work as a performer. I agree that the government shouldn't be about providing more income, yet it should be considering ways to protect our assets and allow us to reap the benefits of our work as performers. I personally would appreciate getting residuals on my performances. Any income stream is a good income stream.

Also, looking at the annual statutory license royalty rate proposed, if a station is making $100,000 per year, it can likely find it in its budget to designate $500.

Clay Butler

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