Value-Added Music Gets A Logo

image from www.narm.com Music industry trade group NARM has created a promotional icon and messaging program dubbed “music + more” to support the sale of physical, digital and mobile music that contains value-added or enhanced content.  An October 2009 Deluxe Products Survey showed that 60% of respondents believe that consumers are “more likely” to purchase deluxe product over the standard CD once they are aware of it. 

The Deluxe Product Workgroup which created the campaign includes representatives from NARM member companies and organizations including: Amazon.Com, Anderson Merchandisers, Best Buy Enterprise, Music Monitor Network, Sony Music Entertainment, Trans World Entertainment, Universal Music Group Distribution, and WEA Corp.

“We applaud the efforts of the Workgroup and are excited to be introducing this new promotional tool to the industry,” said NARM President Jim Donio. “We urge the industry to use the logo on product, in advertising and with other promotional media to highlight deluxe music product.”

More info here.

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  1. It looks like they stole the RSS feed icon and put some text under it. Way to put out the message that we’re a creative industry.

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