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Veoh CEO Shaprio Joins MySpace Music As CTO

(Updated) MySpace Music has appointed Dmitry Shapiro as Chief Technology Officer effective immediately.  Shapiro previously served as the Founder and CEO of online video network Veoh which is embroiled in a messy ongoing legal battle with Universal Music Group over liability for user upload content.

image from www.jayamato.comMySpace and MySpace Music have often been criticized for poor design and confusing technology.  Now Shapiro has the uneviable task of being responsible for all the tech for the MySpace Music platform, including the next iteration of artist profiles and tools, as well as, the overall fan experience.  "The next phase of digital music's evolution will bring artists and music lovers closer together,” said Shapiro in a statement. "I am very excited to join MySpace Music in building the future of music online."

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  1. thats like getting hired to man the titanic as its giant tittys go ass up in the ocean……
    of course this poor bastards not even gonna get a door to hang his ass on while he freezes to death in the grand ocean of music business bullshit….

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