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Video: How YouTube Thinks About Copyright

In this TED Talk, Margaret Gould Stewart, YouTube's head of user experience, talks about how the video site works to with copyright holders and creators to foster a creative ecosystem where everybody wins.

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  1. This is a great explanation how the contentID system *should* work.
    It does not always always work like that as some companies try to game the system.
    In her presentation one of the main phrases that pops out again and again is “content owners”.
    If only content owners were allowed to claim their content the system would be awesome
    Companies are uploading content that is not theirs to upload, they are earning revenue off of content without the actual content owners permission, libraries with non-exclusive agreements with content owners are uploading content without first checking with the actual content owners.
    Youtube seems to be placing no burden of proof on these uploads with quotes like “They told us that they were the content owners”. But they make the YOutube video producer send in licenses and counter DMCA claims to get these ads removed from their content.
    We are in contact with composers whose music catalogs have somehow been entered into this system making their catalogs illegal for other companies to distribute.
    Their livelihoods have been hurt and they have no recourse via Youtube to get the content they own removed from the contentID match system.
    It is a great technology but like everything else out there there is always somebody who will try game the system and earn revenue that is not theirs to earn.

  2. .. and again huge amounts of unallocated sums due to multiple right holders/clashes and unclaimed sums deriving from a portion of the right whose other portion(s) is claimed by someoneelse and that goes to those who systematically claim moneys, such as majors. black box moneys that the industry is familiar with for long years and that are supposed to be eliminated by technological possibilities ..

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