Video: Pharrell Williams & Hans Zimmer On UJAM

What happens when every kid who can hum a tune is given the opportunity to create and record music without the barrier of having to learn to play an instrument or how to use pro tools? We're about to find out.

From CrunchBase:"UJAM’s proprietary “Song DNA” technology interprets any musical input (from humming to playing an instrument) to create complex compositions, and employs the same technology used in digital audio workstations for studio-quality results. Long-term, UJAM can be integrated and embedded with other services on any platform and aims to become a go-to-place for all music-lovers for creating and sharing their music"  Here Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer discuss the creation of UJAM

Video: A UJAM demo

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  1. I love how he pauses the song playback when the song’s progression stopped making “musical sense” (if there is such a thing).
    This could be great for getting the uninitiated into music…but it’s no substitute for learning theory. Yet another project that’s trying to capitalize off of everybody wanting to be a star…delusions of grandeur in software form.

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