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Ryan Van Etten

It's pretty big news actually. Amazon seems like they're always thinking 5 moves ahead.

Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

They're basically just implementing the Open Graph that was announced a few weeks back at the F8 conf.

I'd be more impressed if they innovated with a an incentives based gaming mechanic or had a group deals feature like www.groupon.com/

It's still cool though, I'm a amazon power user.

Dawn Clarke

Amazon has for long had its own social features (such as reviews) but this new move signals a strategic recognition of Facebook, and the importance of social commerce, which signifies implications for the entire ecommerce sector. There have been calls for some time now for tighter integration between Facebook and ecommerce sites but despite more than 100 million fans using Facebook Login, the ecommerce sector has been slow to adopt it.

In the last few months we’ve seen a growing appetite from the ecommerce sector to look afresh at social media integration. Facebook Like has been a runaway success, with almost 70% of emarketers planning to, or having already implemented it on their ecommerce sites. One third of emarketers plan to, or have already implemented, Facebook Login. There’s a great blog on this with a tease preview of what Your Amazon Facebook page will look like here.

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