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Coming Very Soon: A New Leaner EMI

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According to details leaked over the last few days, EMI is less than two weeks away from announcing a drastic reorganization plan designed that would lead to another round of layoffs.

Plans are still being finalized, but one portion of it would see EMI move distribution, sales and some marketing functions to one of the other three major label groups. Some are also suggesting that there will be an outright sale of the recorded music division .But sources tell Hypebot that is unlikely suggesting that EMI's investors are not ready to accept the fire sale prices that are being offered.

Part two of the EMI reorganization plan would see the company securitize some of its successful publishing catalog. This would net EMI much needed upfront cash in exchange for a large share of future publishing profits. 

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  1. EMI’s merging with Warner has been rumored for a long time, wonder when and if that would happen. Anyway, Universal should still be ahead of the then “Big Three”.

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