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Data: How Do Major Acts Use Social Media?

Famecount publishes charts of the top music artists on social networking sites based on their friend and follower counts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Sandbox has done a great job of turning the data in to charts that offer a glimpse at  how each of these major artists uses social networks and how their fans want to interact with them.

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The Top Artists on Social Networks # 7-14:

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  1. Interesting stats.
    Personally, I never found a use for Twitter but it’s interesting to see that many major acts depend on it. Maybe it is because they have more to say? As a local act, I struggle with finding a reason to post anything relevant or fresh on Twitter especially because a lot of it is already on Facebook.

  2. Joe – I’m new to all this, but I’m finding there’s value in multiple points of contact and the corresponding additional exposure, if nothing else. There are “followers” who’ve picked me up in Twitter, who have not seemed to find me yet in Facebook. I use an agent that allows me to simultaneously post brief status updates (e.g. “I’m playing at tonight” or “new pictures on the website!”) to Twitter, MySpace, and ReverNation; and then I make the Facebook stuff a little more verbose & personal.

  3. It’s a good thing if you don’t have much to say. When you do have something to say, people may be more interested in listening. Look at Diddy’s timeline. It’s pretty obnoxious.
    If you want to fill time, try to sharing the good things that your friends mention. If you try to add value with 80% of your social media activity, then you may have a better chance of having a captive audience.

  4. Twitter is a powerful, POwerful tool for increasing awareness for any vehicle. Look at what it did for Imogen heap?! All was due to her good use of social media and content.

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