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been waiting so long (years!!) for this. very exciting. thank you BC!

Lucifer's Attorney

amazing, who knew that Eminem was on top and not Katy Perry on top like on the billboard top 100...incredible



It's still pretty much the same major label dominated world.


Greg Brent

Love the blend of information. Looking forward to how this works out.

Probably not perfect but a step in the right direction.

Diego M

Yawn!, gives me the same depressive feeling i get when i stumble upon billboard magazine, or mtv.


Aye, it's just another desperate attempt by the Majors to present their back catalogues as available products. Look at the list of who's going to be giving 'information' used to determine rankings... a who's who of the Major/Press cabal of the internet age.

If Kate Perry sold more records than Eminem in a week then she should be at the top of the charts. Just because someone bumps up their 'fans' on social network sites, or pays MTV to heavily rotate their music videos, doesn't mean they are more popular.

Also doesn't mean that they aren't shit (ie: Kate Perry), or their latest works aren't shit (ie: Eminem).

It's funny watching the death throws of the McMusic peddlers. Well, funny and tragic. The Music Industry Is Dead, Long Live Music.

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