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Ooh good one! Makes me want to join their club.

Matt Stevens

Brilliant stuff - a band that totally "gets it"

Susan Thomas

I always like hearing what Rich has to say, as well as reading about Hope & Social and their FANtastic events.
Never would have thought I'd want to live in Leeds...
Kyle, I really enjoyed the interview style--great setups and questions. I'll definitely be back again. Thanks to both of you!

Ben Denison

Another aspect which has become apparent from our Hope and Social events is that people are interested in networking, for any number of reasons, and the events are conducive to this. Being serenaded by a band and letting your hair down making art with them (Hand painting at one) is a natural feeling "ice breaker" and the events therefore become naturally conducive to conversation and interaction.

"Never would have thought I'd want to live in Leeds.."

You don't have to live in Leeds to go to a FANtastic Hope and Social event. There is one girl flying in from the US of A and one from Paris for the next one! ;)


I am currently living in leeds and just by luck I stumbled upon Hope & Social playing one night. A great gem to find and the fan=family vibes came across in their live performance.

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