Music Xray: Matching Your Songs To Opportunities

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A&R platform Music Xray, used to receive song submissions from artists, acts, and rights holders, launched a new song to opportunity matching service called "S2O" that automatically pairs songs to opportunities. Artists simply upload their songs at the site and wait to be alerted when appropriate opportunities for their songs are identified. This new service is completely free.

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  1. This service looks very interesting.
    I especially like the idea of the “collective A&R” on the platform. You don’t just have your opinion, but the opinions of many others.
    I wonder how long this service will stay completely “free” though.

  2. Sign up is free for Music X-ray , There are costs associated with submitting to the opportunities presented. There are also free opportunities to present your content to.

  3. Even the “free” opportunities have a transaction fee of $4.00. Until someone confirms otherwise, I would call this a scam like TAXI or other “opportunity” networks.

  4. @Nick Wilson: While i understand that this may seem a scam , I believe it is not.While i am a tentative user of Music X-Ray, I think that is a decent tool for indie artists for song appraisal. Other similar service can tend to lean into the hundreds of dollars. I have to date submitted to 3 opportunities in the last month and am awaiting feed back. I think the downside is the 60 day wait on the so called”free submissions”

  5. There’s no way anybody with decision making power is going to listen to *all* submissions as X-Ray’s statements purport. When they say A&R at a major will listen to *all* submissions from *everybody* who pays, that likely means it will be heard by a college intern (if at all). While maybe not a complete scam, they’re certainly playing on the soft omissions in their presentation.
    @Nick: Taxi, on the other hand, screens your material BEFORE it’s handed to execs who DO make decisions. It’s a better avenue if you have the cash and you’re in it for the long haul. This makes sense. Execs aren’t going to sit around all day listening to junk just because somebody paid for it. You’re paying Taxi to screen out the junk before they pass the good stuff along. Taxi is very upfront about this.
    Don’t trust any outlet that claims to give you unscreened access to executive ears just by paying money. It makes no sense. Hope this helps.

  6. Xray is a good one. TAXI is one of thoes $300 per year to only get your music a “better chance” of being listened to. What Xray does differently is there are various opps out there, that are free, or the $4 fee, which is nothing compared to $300. TAXI also has fees of $5 + whatever postage. With Xray, you get a lot of people in “focus groups” providing feedback, and some get paid. This money comes from the fee of submiting to opps. And you can do it all online, so there is virtually no extra costs. I’ve tried other services like Broadjam to make a few dollars: No one uses it. Xray is well promoted, anyone can use it and you can easily log in with Facebook.

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