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48ers: Another Realtime Social Search Tool

Not long ago, Hyoebot covered the release of SocialMention, a new real-time search tool.

image from www.48ers.comAnother one has hit the web since then called 48ers; the company is named after the first pioneers to seek out the California Gold Rush in 1948. The main difference that I found between the two social search tools – because it isn’t the results, though SocialMention appears to be more comprehensive – is that 48ers doesn’t take forever to load like SocialMention does and is a little more clean.

Beyond that though, it’s another free tool to add to the kit and play with. As many commented in the write-up about SocialMention, finding a site like this, for free, isn’t the easiest thing to come across. But, for those who aren’t prepared to dish out the money for People Browser or Radian 6, both of these neat little search tools should prove to be a welcomed additions to your data tracking efforts.

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  1. I just tried this for 5 minutes searching for my own band. Much better results than SocialMention. 95% was irrelevant on SocialMention, mainly Google Search results.
    On 48ers the most results are twitter search, but I was quite surprised by the Facebook search results.

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