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Apple Pulls Grooveshark iPhone App Following Universal Music Complaint

Following a complaint form Universal Music Group UK, Apple pulled down the recently approved Grooveshark iPhone app. The app had been receiving rave reviews, but Grooveshark only has licencing deals with EMI and a number of indies.  In fact, Universal filed suit against Grooveshark in January and the takedown demand is believed to stem from that dispute.

image from www.palyne.com "This comes as an absolute surprise to us, and we are not sleeping until we figure out exactly how to fix this - and get Grooveshark for iPhone back in the App Store," wrote Grooveshark staffers. "Above all, our biggest concern is damaging the service we provide... If you’ve already downloaded the app, keep enjoying it. We’re going to keep working hard to provide the best services we possibly can across the web, BlackBerry, Android, Palm WebOS, Symbian, and everywhere else you love your music - including the iPhone."