Can Internet Make Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” A Hit?

(UPDATED) Cee Lo Green is no stranger to big hits on the radio.  He's had a few of his own and as half of Gnarls Barkley, Green watched "Crazy" rocket to the top of the charts internationally in 2006. But radio is not going help make Cee-lo's latest incredibly catchy single catch on.  With a chorus based almost entirely around the lyric "Fuck You", radio in most countries can't pay it and the two word phrase is too central to the song to cover it with a bleep.

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At it's core, "Fuck You" is just a great pop song and that's helped a lyric video of the song grab more than 1 million plays on YouTube since it was uploaded on Thursday August 19th. A full video for the track is expected next week ahead of its Oct. 4th release in the UK and US.

Watch Cee Lo Green's Fuck You Video

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  1. Anyone else with an iPad or iPhone notice you can’t access the Cee Lo Green F**K YOU video if its embedded on a webpage? I mean it works fine if I navigate there on my desktop but not on my iPad or iPhone….

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