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Chris Anderson: "The Web Is Dead."

Ever one to envelope web memes, Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson is at it again. This time around though, he's not writing about The Long Tail, Free, or saying that "Atoms Are The New Bits." Rather, he's declaring that the web is dead. Basically, Anderson makes the arguement that mobile device revolution has caused many people to move from the computer screen and the browser to accessing things powered by the internet, but not actually visiting the web itself.

image from "The Internet is the real revolution, as important as electricity; what we do with it is still evolving. As it moved from your desktop to your pocket, the nature of the Net changed. The delirious chaos of the open Web was an adolescent phase subsidized by industrial giants groping their way in a new world. Now they’re doing what industrialists do best—finding choke points. And by the looks of it, we’re loving it." - Chris Anderson (Read the rest.)


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