Help Wanted: Google Music Head

image from dwtx.org Who Do You Think Should Head Google Music?

Google has been talking with digital media executives in an effort to hire someone to head its new music initiative according to Media Memo. The internet giant has yet to finalize a hire.

What will Google Music look like?

Whoever is hired will join veteran music lawyer Elizabeth Moody who was brought in recently to negotiate deals with record labels. YouTube has loaned out general counsel Zahavah Levine and and Android head Andy Rubin is part of the project which will be based on his mobile operating system.

A music in the cloud streaming service is almost certainly part of the overall plan. But given everything that I hear about label negotions between the major labels and Google along with other music serviices, I wouldn't be surprised if only a download store comes first.

But whatever Google launches in the coming months, it will be (a soon to be improved) iTunes' most impactful competitor since Amazon.

Who Would You Nominate To Head Google Music?

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  1. I dont think he’s quite ready yet but i met this guy called CINO, he might be only 27 and from Australia but this guy has incredible innovative ideas, and judging from his classes knows alot about the business end of this game, google music audio should hire this guy he’s defiantly one of the key players in the next generation
    his email is mistykingfilms@gmail.com

  2. RT @FakeBobLefsetz: I SHOULD RUN Google Music. I’ve been working on a recommendation engine that ONLY plays Eagles, Jackson Browne, Laura Nyro & Beach Boys.

  3. If Google Music is going to be nothing more than another customer side retail experience a la Itunes – or even some new cloud-based model- I am voting against Ian Rogers in hopes that he remains with TopSpin or some other company that works directly for the benefit of artists.

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