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wow this is a big deal! I thought Topspin was a lot less than 10 clicks. What would you suggest to use that is a faster way to sell music that is just 1 click.

Mike Pineau

The most important message here is that people are LAZY. They want music, now, without having to wait. Most would prefer to not pay either. Incentive must be created to seek out new music.

Mark G. Valente

What a terrible model considering all of these sites decide or have some sort of control on how much music is sold for through their service. I'd understand a site with free music taking 10 clicks or so seeing as their only revenue would be strictly advertisements.

Justin Boland

Good stuff. I totally agree with comment #2 though -- at some point, you have to stop catering to the Gaping Maw and start a business plan based on adult human beings instead of whatever Americans are becoming at this point.

Why chase the herd if they're never going to do shit for you?


sooooooo, still what would you guys suggest, to lower the number of clicks to a minimum, and still sell music.

Afzal Roy

i dont knw how many clik on my webside, how i knw?

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