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Lucifer's Attorney

While I agree with Jack's sentiments regarding these 'hip motherfuckers', these events can be very boring indeed, what I really want to know is what did he think he signed up for when he decided to play said event ?

Sounds more like a case of needing to manage expectations rather than flogging a dead horse

But on the flipside, if this little bit of PR does anything to increase the overall get down decadence in today's society then more power to him, lash out even more!


Jack's too smart to throw a tantrum without knowing that a bunch of rags would write about it.

I think this fits perfectly for him and his band. Dead Weather's doing well on tour, they don't NEED the corporate-sponsored gigs. Except the festivals, maybe, but they've just finished doing a bunch of those.

Clyde Smith

Jack White refuses to disappoint! I love that guy.

Sam K

Wow, apparently Rock 'n' Roll isn't dead after all!


Here was one of those moments. I didn't really remember this until seeing the video.



The guy's a tart, a big time drama queen tart. And judging by his comments on the vid connected by @oldenno above, a bigot, too... 'faggots'?

If he doesn't want anyone looking at him, he should get the fuck off the stage... good grief! There are plenty of pubs he can take his bar band to play at, maybe learn a few covers... John Cougar Mellencamp tunes will probably go down well...

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