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Linkin Park, Featuring You: Winning Song Chosen

Lp-featuring-you-ad Last week, I had the great opportunity to speak with Aaron Ray, who is a Partner at The Collective and Head of New Media. At the time, he was overseeing the final stages of a contest by Linkin Park, which allowed fans to create their own original version of the band’s new single “The Catalyst” and concludes with a worthy fan having his or her song put onto the next album.

Due to the sheer scale of the project and the affluence of the group, putting a fan collaboration on a major release, like this, was no small task; in many ways, Linkin Park re-contextualized the artist to fan relationship. Having overseen many, many marketing campaigns and digital initiatives in his day, Aaron couldn't of one that was more ambitious than this project. Take a look at the results:

Linkin Park, featuring YOU Winner

Linkin Park | MySpace Music Videos

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