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Music Think Tank: Seeking New Posts Now



Since the beginning, Music Think Tank as served as a platform and sounding board for a collective of some of the leading thinkers and change makers in the tech and music industries. As well, it has become a showcase which strives to highlight the many insightful and influential essays that grace the corners of the web. At present, we are looking to expand the author base and scope of the blog just a little bit wider. If you have something great that you've seen or have written recently, maybe even a big idea you've been kicking around, please get in touch, as I would be interested in featuring you on Music Think Tank. As standing editor, my standards are indefinitely high, but I'd love to hear what you have in mind.

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  1. Kyle, would love to connect with you on this. I clicked the “get in touch” link and it’s not working. Drop me a line as time permits.

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