NASA Song Competition: In Search Of Space Music

image from www.skynet.ie And you thought you had your aspirations set high when you entered the one and only Hypebot Hit Song Contest

As it turns out, NASA is also holding a little competition of their own. The main difference being that they aren't looking for stereotypical pop hits but space-themed wakeup tunes.

Artists have until January 10, 2011, to write and submit their original song. Keep in mind that this time around your work won't be screened by Bruce and I, along with other industry folks, but a NASA panel. How would being one of the two songs to wake up the crew on the space shuttle Endeavor suite your fancy?

Songs from previous years have included Fly Me to the Moon and Here Comes the Sun. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse is the most-noted wakeup tunes:


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