Overheard @ Bandwidth (#BandwidthSF) (Pt. 2)

From Hypebot's eyes and ears at Bandwidth @DannyDee

  • image from www.bandwidthconference.comEcho Spin powers Universal Music Groups Direct-To-Fan efforts.
  • "you still need a label to help rise above the glut" Rich Bengloff @a2im
    • "DIY is a lack of infrastructure, that's why labels r more important than ever…its more streamlined" Brad Navin
      • "Digital Only" releases are only 1.88% of the business
      • Amazing stat: "On artist websites, our number one section is usually photos." Jeremy Welt, Warner Bros. Records
      • Drake had 100 million streams of "Best I ever Had" before his deal. You know how much he got for that? BUPKISS"

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      1. hi. can you please expand on what is “bandwith” and why labels are (apparently) so much more better than diy.

      2. Hi Mr C – Bandwidth is a yearly music & technoligy conference http://www.bandwidthconference.com/
        Its honestly one of the best events to attend because its more interactive and engaging than traditional monologue type conferences.
        In regards your label question, it’s not that major labels are better…or that indie & DIY labels are better, its that its easier to work with artists who have a team in place to execute on deliverables or whatever needs to get done.
        Labels, both indie and majore provide infrastructure and man power.

      3. “Digital Only” releases are only 1.88% of the business
        Why? Is it because of the limited reach of download-only releases? Is it proof that they are lost in the end of the “long tail”?
        I guess producing on-demand CD-Rs or offering *.iso-files for customers to burn their own CD-R would help the artists in question to easily produce physical product that enables them to reach a wider audience.

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