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Mark D

Inspiring. Funny how entrepreneurship and starting a band are so similar.

So many people don't think of it in such a way, but when you're looking to realize a vision, it's all about getting people together who complement each other. Great interview.

Kevin Rivers

Great interview for ArtistData! :)

Kevin Rivers
CEO, WaTunes
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adam wexler

"major difference is that in most startups there is the business person there from the start, where bands rarely have a manager working with them from day 1"
i think brenden is spot on right there. if a band is fortunate to have a member with a business pedigree, they surely have a leg up while everybody is trying to sift through the noise


It's always interesting talking to non-founders about what the experience is like. It's hard to convey how much of an up-hill battle and how lonely it can be sometimes. Most entrepreneurs brush over the "yeah it's hard work" part of their story. I can't think of a situation that makes you feel more overwhelmed and on your own sometimes -- it just seems to get understated by entrepreneurs that have already had their successful exit.

But on the other hand, I really believe that it is simultaneously one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do. To have someone pay you directly (as in YOU, not just some company you work for) for something you've built on your own is an amazing feeling.

Band Marketing Guide

@MarkD Exactly!

Thanks for saying something i have been thinking for a while, back to work now, you have inspired me :]


Thanks for the comments guys - Always feel free to reach out directly either via twitter or b@bmull.com

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That's a great interview. Very inspiring. Thanks for posting about Brenden.

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