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Super Fan Beatle Bob To See His 5000th Consecutive Show Tonight

image from Who needs 1000 True Fans when you have Beatle Bob dancing in front of the stage? Tonight, super fan Beatle Bob, aka Robert Matonis, reaches a goal he set for himself back in 1996. He'll attend his 5000th concert on the 5,000th consecutive night at St Louis' Duck Room. Some of his favorite local musicians have banded together for a special show to mark the occasion.

"It feels like I'm one of those people in a sports hall of fame who hits that magic number that gets you in there," says Bob. "There have been some days where I'll go to a show tired, but everyone has a bad day. The music is like a magic elixir. It picks me up from the first beat, and I forget about being down."

"Any night of the week there's a show I want to see, whether it's a lesser-known local band or a national band. … I also like talking to the band. I'm literally the last to leave." Amen, Bob. 

Check out Bob's dancing skills and what a few rock luminaries like Mojo Nixon have to say about him in this 10 minute video documentary.

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  1. Beatle Bob rocks, I see him at SXSW every year. His passion and love for music is historic!

  2. you realize he doesn’t pay for anything… ever. so he is not a “super fan” or one that a band can actually count as one of the 1,000 who can support their career.

  3. I’m from Missouri originally and can’t remember seeing a show in St. Louis without Beatle Bob. The best thing about him was that it never seemed like there was one style of show or music that he frequented. He danced at ALL of them.
    Too many good memories of watching Beatle Bob’s freak dance with a beer in my hand and a smile on my face.

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