The Empathic Civilization

Mind-blowing. Thought-provoking. Why things are, the way they are. Author and social thinker Jeremy Rifkin delves much insight into the empathic civilization:

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  1. I think it’s time the people start reading Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, which are 5000 year old literatures which explain our true purpose in life.. timeless classics. An eye opener for all, if READ WITH AN OPEN MIND.. The bottom line is that:
    – We are NOT our bodies but spirit souls on a journey
    – GOD is a person. Not some energy or light.
    – Our purpose if life is to revive our lost relationship with our Lord and go to Him
    – This is NOT the world we are supposed to be in. This is the material world.
    – We originally belong to the Spiritual realm, which is beyond birth, death, disease and oldage.
    – Our constitutional position is to serve (empathize for others)
    – If NOT, we will continue living here, traversing through the multitude of forms, be it plants, animals, humans, etc.
    – As humans we have an evolved consciousness to understand God; elase we are just sophisticated animals doing the same things: eating, sleeping, mating and defending.
    It’s a great and thought provoking video for all to see! Thanks!

  2. Neat stuff…but why does it have to be another binary trap? Rifkin says we’re soft-wired for sociability, and empathy, NOT selfishness and aggression. I can empathize with his desire to tell humans about our higher nature, but the facts remain: we’re still wired to kill things, too. Violence still provides humans with a literal chemical high — that’s clearly a design feature.
    And it’s still a huge problem for our global culture.

  3. Very enjoyable presentation. I totally empathize with the thought process. My question would be how can we as artists help disseminate this point of view?

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