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We are all social animals.

Connecting is human and music helps connect better than text.

I would like a like see a list of the artists who are resisting social media.

If you have any info can you please share this with us?

It would be interesting to look at.



Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

#3 is why I wish I had resisted social media.


Investing in your career takes time... success takes time. Go ahead and ignore the responsibility. Just don't complain about obscurity. And, don't ask for support from other bands, clubs and managers that are looking to surround themselves with artist that are extending real effort.

Zane Safrit

I’m having a hard time with this. 6 of these reasons were the same reasons why business was, even remains, reluctant to embrace social media. But social media seems a perfect resource for artists and creatives.

Social media’s power is the power of the artist. It’s a direct conduit for connecting our vision, our inspiration, our message...our purpose...ok, our brand...with our audience. It connects us with them and creates community around a shared vision.

There’s no filter imposed. There are no obstacles to interfere with sharing, communicating, reacting to a vision, an inspiration, a moment...a life.

Social media’s reach is global and its filter is, can be, precise. That precision comes from the freedom to invest as much or as little time connecting with our passion and those who share it.

I understand the sensitivity, the sensibilities, of artists and the perception, however wrong, that social media perhaps is a crass media bone thrown to the masses. There are many examples conveniently promoted by traditional media.

But someone needs to sit longer with the artist and explain if you want your message communicated in your voice with your images and your ideas to reach your audience...on a schedule that fits your needs...you should look closer at social media. Oh, and did we see most of the tools are free? And your audience, your fans, your patrons, can then use the same social media to introduce you to their friends...all the time using what you have shared with them on social media?

Blog Tyrant

I am really surprised laziness isn't in there. I know a few artists who are just lazy when it comes to anything but the music itself.

Steven Finch

Social Media tools are key to artists. They help them build a solid fan base and then when they do have releases they already have a captive audience. Additionally, their content might even go viral because of the sheer fans they have.

Daniel J. Cartier

whatever energy you're putting into social media... or anything in life for that matter... is what you'll get out of it. It is what it is. Is social media for everybody? No. But for those individuals who are seeking every possible outlet to promote their music... it can be amazing.

Graham Way

I'm a Vancouver-based music industry vet of over 30 years and, among other activities, I teach a music biz course that includes a digital scene component. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how little I've known until recently about the actual nuts and bolts of how to utilize social media effectively. I've been somewhat reluctant to get personally involved in the blogosphere, but I decided to take the plunge this year. So I'm now in the process of putting my blog site together and learning (with the aid of a great Internet marketing coach) how to use it effectively. In doing so I've come to truly appreciate the tremendous value of social media sites. It's safe to say by the time the Fall semester gets into full gear I'll have a lot more to talk to my artist students about on this subject.

Emmett North Jr.

I'm in LA and i have tried to spread my name and music to any and every site who has asked me to join especially if it was free to join even though i have paid a few top music sites like Pure Volume and Broadjam Music.Over the past year i must have joined thirty social sites that included uploading my music,bio and photos it's free,now after doing all of this for exposure i still find it slow in getting cd sells and downloads but to me the more exposure the better so i keep joining as many music and social sites as i can even some sites in foreign languages.I have always been a self marketer of me and my music and will keep going,i have gotten a three and a half month europe tour out of networking and publicizing myself,i just hope i get something more soon because it's slow at the moment and hope to get touring again soon.I take chances what have i got to lose sincerely & musically,Emmett North Jr.


An annoying yet necessary evil, "social media connection" (arguably an oxymoron resembling "Facebook Friend") is replacing what used to be the work of managers, marketers, promoters, publicists, rack-jobbers (for that matter, "racks"), etc. To the extent say, 90 percent of the artist's time is now spent pestering SOMEBODY for attention, leaving 10 percent to pursue the muse, hiring a social media wonderkind (bassist?) might be well advised. The better to get back to work and rise above - hopefully - this confoundedly ubiquitous Cult of the Amateur.

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