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VEVO By The (Big) Numbers

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Since its launch just 8 months ago VEVO, the online music video partnership between the major labels (and WMG) and Google's YouTube has shown impressive growth. But this Media Beat comparison to other sites offers the clearest picture of the service's massive reach.

It's not yet clear exactly how much revenue VEVO is actually returning to its label partners, but here are just a few of the impressive stats (incuding traffic via YouTube):

  • 48 million unique visitors from the US in June
  • More than 141 million unique visitors globally
  • 43% of Vevo viewers have a household income of more than $60,000
  • Vevo reaches 27% of US online Hispanic audience
  • Vevo reaches 25% percent of online mothers.


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  1. The trick here is that the figures about VEVO are misrepresentative since it includes all youtube traffic as well. Fact is that VEVO is a non-brand at this point, one that doesn’t drive traffic itself, and relies heavily on the youtube platform it’s built on. The money passed on to labels is also so tiny that they’re not a players. Warner is keeping their content off of the platform because of the tiny rates. Don’t believe the hype.

  2. Wes the larger play here is controlling the music video market. Vevo is in talks to have MTV use their player. I think they are looking at their reach across all sites including youtube.
    I agree that this press release is worthless propaganda, but the reason its being a done is to aggregate all music videos. My guess is eventually Vevo’s contract will disallow you from posting videos on any other player. They are trying to build a monopoly.

  3. If MTV Networks use the Vevo Player for their sites, this would be a ‘boon’ for most of the videos on the MTV Networks sites are quality but the server time is slower than Vevo/youtube.

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