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Warner Bros Records Sued For Tracking Web Users

image from Last week, a lawsuit filed in federal court contended that Warner Bros Records website, among other  well-known media properties, including Disney and their music site, have been secretly tracking online users, as well as children, by installing ‘Flash cookies’ on their computers, which quicky respawn after their deletion.

The suit filed by attorneys representing a group of minors and their parents alleges that Clearspring Technologies, a creator of widgets that distribute targeted advertising to a number of sites, has facilitated unlawful spying. The company has been accused of monitoring users as they move across multiple websites and aggregating data on video-viewing information, demographics, and even when users accessed the web from different computers.

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  1. After the whole Facebook debacle, I would not be surprised to hear that some people won’t be using the Internet. The makers should have at least offered a disclaimer for those who would be using it.

  2. Woah that sucks! But I’m sure glad Hypebot set a cookie on my browser that expires on January 17, 2037!

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