Weezer Clears Up The Confusion, Denies Everything

Hypebot intern Mike Pineau gets a cookie for digging this up. Yesterday, I wrote about a rather confusing situation where Weezer's Brian Bell confessed, on camera, to having a good portion of their new album funded by the Surf Company Hurley and that he was near clueless about the Lost character by the same name, because, to him, it had nothing to do with the real reason why the album was called "Hurley." Since then, Bell released this new statement on a fan site:

image from cdn.buzznet.com "Recently I did an interview in Denver where I was asked why we called the album Hurley. I mistakenly said that Hurley funded the album. I later found out that it wasn’t true at all. Weezer paid for every penny of this recording. The reason the record is called “Hurley” is because Hurley (Jorge Garcia) is on the cover. We thought about leaving the record untitled for the fourth time, but that causes a lot of problems and he knew people would end up calling the record “Hurley” anyway. We got no money for calling the record 'Hurley.'"

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  1. I can assure you Hurley did not pay for the record and did not buy their album title.

  2. If any other band decided to do this and call it Hurley while putting that as their album art, I wouldn’t believe ’em. Weezer, yes.
    They played a free show at Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin. They’d do this.

  3. Sure… (Way to keem em’ honest again HB/BH) — but in this case they gave a flimsy excuse that doesn’t sound real. Does this dude really expect people to believe he didn’t know where the recording fund was coming from?… Wing-Nuts…

  4. @Tone Bloke – I completely agree with you. Gone are the days artists are not involved with the financials of their own endeavors (unless they REALLY want to get ripped off). They’ve recently signed with Epitaph so this dude is either doing some massive damage control or just plain stupid.

  5. Thank you Nelson… And what’s up with this Jason Fisher fella assuring us of anything? You hopping on the “Bold Face Lie Train” too JF? Wassup w the Hurley US Open at HB, sounds rather fishy… Is this story going to fall flat into the “ok – they lied, but they are such jokesters that no one really gives a flying hoot” file?
    Doesn’t Epitaph rhyme with “I made a gaffe”?

  6. Sure, there’s always a possibility of something like this happening… Especially with the climate. But I really don’t see this as something Rivers would approve of. Besides… albums aren’t nearly expensive to make as they use to be…. I have a hard time that Weezer needs money to make albums.

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