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Suzanne Lainson

I started watching the pre and post SXSW coverage about 7 or 8 years ago. Typical coverage year after year: A new band gets hyped before and during SXSW. They are proclaimed "the greatest ever." Six months after SXSW no one is talking about them.

It's the same with the bands NME promotes.

A band that has only been together for a year or two and has only put out one album has not yet put out enough music to prove itself historic.


This (New! New!! New!!!) has been the model in Britain since I've been paying attention, back 35 years or so. It was always driven by the weekly music tabloids, NME and (RIP) Melody Maker, who required 52 exciting cover stories per year.

In the USA, "Rolling Stone" was bi-weekly and pretty solidly locked into what became classic rock, and all the other periodicals were monthlies -- so the USA magazines didn't need this constant stream of new performers. So, over here, the sped-up attention cycle of the Internet seems like a new thing.

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