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Justin Boland

Right, because all their existing high-end clientele want to pay 20x more money for an issue of Spin. Great call on their part.


Technically, a "fanzine" is produced BY fans. Some more polished periodicals like the late "No Depression" have fanzine roots, but I see no chance that Billboard is going to change into anything resembling a fanzine.

I don't know anyone who kept reading Rolling Stone regularly after the big consumer companies became its leading advertisers. I do miss the newsprint-era Rolling Stone. But I'm old.

On the Hollywood Reporter hiring help from "Us" magazine: jeez, I glance at "Us" in the doctor's office. "Us" makes "People" look like "The New Yorker." "Us" is a magazine for people who really don't read.

Suzanne Lainson

I'd subscribe to a thought-provoking publication about the music industry. Or one that had lots of info that I needed and was offered at an affordable price. The print Billboard was never a must read for me. I do like what I read at billboard.biz, though I don't have a subscription and can't access whatever is behind a paywall.

I subscribed to Pollstar when I could get the online version for about $200 a year. Now they only offer online with print so it's about $400 or $500 a year (I can't remember) and that's beyond my budget.

Justin Boland

"People who really don't read" = the future of the content industry. I wish I didn't have to believe that. But I do.

sale prove milano

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Corey Crossfield

I love how the mighty fall. Fanzines are produced by fans and from reading the latest numbers of Billboard's circulation it seems they don't have any.


It's a shame. As a long-time reader (and subscriber) of Billboard, I've watched it slowly morph from a respected industry trade paper to a comic-book-style, gossip-oriented fan site geared toward 13 year old girls. The flashy colors, obnoxious graphics and inane "news" stories make their .com site a navigational nightmare. The print magazine hasn't done much better (not that I really need it - an internet subscription automatically gives you the print magazine, mostly useless since the US mail delivers it a week or so after all the content is available online). The .biz site isn't much better; for weeks they will leave a full-page click-thru advertisement pop-up on the site that overtakes the screen with *every single click*.

Seems the changes are necessary for them to survive, but it's no less frustrating and sad. Where once I had a respectable place to get music news, now I see articles about "summer's best beach bodies". Pathetic.

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