BitTorrent Asks Artists To Get In Bed With The Devil

image from i.techmadly.com BitTorrent has created a pilot program that encourages musicians to submit their creative works for the chance to be spotlighted on their site, which reaches over 80 million music enthusiasts around the world. Course, for all you know, your works might already be in their promotional network that distributes music globally at baffling speeds.

With their Featured Artists pilot program the tech company is striving to “bridge the relationship between creators and consumers, and help artists embrace the digital age through exploring and experimenting with new distribution models.”

That’s an eloquent way of saying that they’d like permission to let fans file-share your music. Hey, it’s free promotion, right? Some call BitTorrent the new radio

If artists visit this site, they can upload their works for consideration and they’ll be reviewed. In the event of getting into the pilot program an artist will be promoted across their cache of sites. In the past, the company has worked to promote works from the filmmakers Yes Men and Pioneer One, as well as, a musician by the name of PAZ. It’s the equivalent of jumgetting in bed with the devil for some artists, an opportunity for others. If you'd like to partake, register here.

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  1. Isn’t “promotion” an excuse not to pay for music in the digital age?
    Why should it be interesting to give it away freely if 1 million bands want on board? What do they do different than TPB?

  2. From our perspective, it was an opportunity to get our stuff seen. With 2 million downloads of the Pioneer One pilot within 6 weeks of release, we’re getting attention from people interested in advertising to those numbers. We couldn’t have done this any other way.
    Just my two cents,
    Josh Bernhard
    Writer/Executive Producer, Pioneer One

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