Coming Soon: iTunes App Downloads To Pass Music

image from princetonrealestatehomes.com Perhaps I'm putting to much on these stats, but what does it say about the hopes for the music industry selling more downloads via its #1 retailer when months from now the number of apps downloaded on iTunes will surpass music downloads?  At the very least, it's a reminder that the inustry needs to more aggressivly embrace alternatives from Google Music to subscritption services like MOG, Spotify and Rdio. But does it say more?

Chart: iTunes Music vs. App Downloads

image from www.asymco.com
via Asymco

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  1. Nice but skewed. Apples and Oranges.
    Unlike music downloads, most app downloads via itunes tend to be free.
    Revenue comparisons?
    Revenue/unit comparisons?
    Are time periods normalized?

  2. People also tend to download random free apps and then delete them a minute later or never ever use them. Hello, does anyone have the app where all you do is play with toilet paper?
    On the other hand, people don’t really delete their music downloads.

  3. As the other said this doesnt say anything at all. Most apps are free and you have to pay for music..
    And is more did buy apps, it would only be interesting if it cannibalized on music. Since apps are so many different things I would actually presume that more did buy apps than music…

  4. I think musicians would be wise to pay attention to this picture. *I* think it means that the cheese is moving again and that bands need to think about getting into the app space if they can. We DO compete for attention with games and other forms of entertainment. People are buying games the way we used to read newspapers – we’re willing to spend a few bucks for some novelty today and then moving on to something else tomorrow. And consider this: a person who wants a paid app pretty much has to pay retail for it to play it on their phone, but with music there are many options…many that generate little revenue for the artist.

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