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Cool Alert: Nic Harcourt's Back With LiveBuzz

image from Former KCRW “Morning Becomes Eclectic” host Nick Harcourt is back as curator of The LiveBuzz. It's Buzzmedia's new addition to an music and celebrity blog empire that includes Stereogum, Idolator, Absolute Punk and more.

Once dubbed the “Star Maker of the Semipopular”, Harcourt and his bosses ar Buzzmedia are promising to offer a curated alternative to the clutter of Vevo, YouTube and MTV.  Missing from most video sites is "a sense of intimacy," Hartcourt told Fast Company. "The stuff that I’ve seen out there up until this point has been...fairly bland-looking in that it just showed the band on stage. With Live Buzz, we’re getting up close in personal in the way we’re shooting sessions. You’re feeling like you’re closer to the music, and I haven’t felt that in anything that I’ve seen before."

The site will offer a mix of new bands and established artists. "You can’t be too hip and groovy, you know - you have to have the glue that holds it together," says Harcourt. "We don’t want to be a marginal site. By having sessions with people like Interpol, which we’re hopefully gonna be doing next month, that will help bring an audience to the site to discover the other bands and artists we’re supporting as well."