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Enter Your Musical Narrative: What Song Is Playing?

This is a guest post by Alex Mann (@alexjmann).

image from You are greeted with a smile and repetitive hello by the stewardess as you roll your bag out of the flimsy, makeshift tunnel and onto the plane. Approaching your seat, you force your piece of luggage into the overhead bin closest to your row.

You glance at your ticket, reminding yourself for the last time what seat number you'll occupy. Spotting your seat, you climb over the knees of two others, and position yourself next to the window. You push up the arm rest and tilt your seat back. The engine starts, followed by a jolting rumble and then a soothing hum.

The plane eventually begins its acceleration down the runway in anticipation for takeoff. As the plane picks up speed and you feel the tip of the plane lift off, you push up the rubber window cover and hit play on your iPod.

What song is playing?