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Our Online Networking Party Continues All Weekend

It's the day before a long holiday weekend here in the US; which means it's also a day when many of us are tied to our desks, but have no desire to do any work.  As a constructive solution to the workday blahs, we're throwing a little networking partyhere on Hypebot. Don't be shy. Tell us about yourself…

In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, your  band or company, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you. Shameless plugs are allowed.

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  1. i’m actually in bed with a flu so hey, here i am. billieraymartin.com is my home as well as http://www.facebook.com/billieraymartinmusic
    i guess people in the us of a know me from my biggo hit ‘your loving arms’ but all kinds of other things as well. i also write for trendy blog/magazine the hosital club, where i mouth off about music biz and being an independent musician in times of no $$$ and much bullshit. things like this http://www.thehospitalclub.com/socialsite/features/view/26-04-10-dont-be-an-independent-musician
    and this:
    i have a new band called the opiates which you can also find on my website as well as all my current releases are there too. with the opiates i want to change the world 🙂
    i release things in new ways, working closely with blogs, torrent websites etc. and it’s earned me much coverage and respect from blogs and forward thinking websites and organisations which in turn has inspired me to continue on that path.i always explore new ways to release my music and get it heard.
    so there you have it. i’m always looking for collaborators for my music productions and am always thrilled to hera from people. also i’m seeking investors in my album projects.

  2. My name is Dougie…and I’m a Aries…and I can move it, move it, move it, move it, move it!
    Seriously though – I’m 1/2 of Triangle Exception. The PA half. The MN half is Dr. Steven E. Wonchoba. I do guitars, sometimes keys, sing, write; he also sings, writes, does most keys, and all drum sounds.
    Our stuff is kinda proggy-poppy, sometimes experimental stuff. Although 2010 has seen a string of whimsical tunes, for some reason; including two covers, and an interpretion of Hypebot’s hit song for their contest of the same name. Wanna hear it? Sure you do! It’s our only Country song: http://hypebot.heroku.com/28. For the rest of our catalog, clicky clicky on our url linky 🙂

  3. Rank ’em ( http://gorankem.com ) is my brainchild. We’re crowdsourcing music discovery so you can find the songs you were meant to hear.
    Next time you get a rec for a new artist (i.e. Ameeth’s band), but don’t have a clue where to begin & which songs to check out, keep our growing resource in mind.
    Who knows each artist better than their own fans? The fans rank their favorites from their favorites and we aggregate the collective opinion.
    Also, work with a great edgy rock group out of Nashville, TN: myspace.com/slowmotioncenterfold

  4. Hi there, I’m Jackie Otero, music business professor and consultant, and avid Hypebot reader! If you haven’t heard of The Comet yet, it’s sort of Huffington Post for the music industry – I write a column over there on music licensing – take a look: http://www.thecomet.com
    I also teach music business entrepreneurship and artist management at the undergraduate level. Feel free to visit my website at http://www.jackieomedia.com – always open to new projects!

  5. I am the Artist Otherwise Known as April Tara…except that I’m not an artist. Nope, not one ounce of musical talent. So I support musicians by doing their PR and marketing and social media stuff and I also write about music, mostly reviews.
    My company: http://www.rawcloudmedia.com
    My blog: http://www.AprilTara.com (which I like to think of as a “compilation” because there’s so much different stuff on there especially since I recently merged like 3 different blogs)
    My email: april@apriltara.com

  6. Hello,
    I’m french, actually working in Latin America, doing a marketing study on the live music business.
    I also help a little bit Sergent Garcia http://www.sergentgarcia.com/
    Beside, I’m thinking with my friends of Make Sense http://www.makesense.org/ who are developping a great social network for social business entrepreneurs and helpers, take a look!
    I will start to work with some bands who are friends of mine to develop some marketing strategies for them as I really enjoy thinking in that way.
    Check out : http://www.myspace.com/ventolinmusic1
    Oh and yes, thanks Bruce, Kyle and the other Hypebot editors, really like your work!

  7. I play clarinet on a symphony orchestra, teach music at an university and blog in portughese about jazz, music, media, cyberculture, education, digital literacies and so for.

  8. Hey all I’m Josiah Mann. I have a musical project called Sufficient Cause and recently wrote an article on MusicThinkTank about our plans to be full time musicians within one year. http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/making-it-in-one-year-is-it-possible.html
    You can download and listen to our free demo EP at http://noisetrade.com/sufficientcause
    I’m going to be working with a few movers and shakers in the industry to make this happen and am looking forward to continuing to meet more cool people through Hypebot and MTT. If you like our music or vision and are interested in getting involved, contact me at sufficientcause@gmail.com
    P.S. Thanks for the opportunity and the great site Kyle and Bruce

  9. Hey everyone. My name is Constantine Roussos and I am the founder of .music domain name extension. This will be the exclusive domain name for the music industry. e.g yourname.music
    For more info on it you can check out MusicThinkTank article at:
    Please feel free to comment and ask any questions.
    The official website is: http://music.us
    Constantine Roussos

  10. Wuddup everybody,
    My name is Hisham Dahud and I’m a drummer, music producer, and music marketing strategist.
    I’m a musician and music producer currently studying Marketing & Music Industry Business at San Francisco State University.
    I’ve worked as a session drummer since 2002 and began producing music around the same time. I’ve recorded and toured with several bands ranging from rock, metal, hip hop, symphonic/classical, Arabic folklore, and jazz.
    My goals as a producer are to release material as a solo artist, provide instrumental music for vocal artists, and to have my music synchronized and placed in electronic media.
    I utilize the skills I’ve gained through my education and experience in the music industry as well as in marketing & business management to provide useful business and creative insights to any project I contribute to.

    • BAMM.tv is releasing a new video from Con Brio this afternoon. Just some last minute changes with the final audio…then exporting through compressor…then uploading to YouTube and importing the description…then creating a new post on Facebook….and….sit anxiously by the computer to see how many “Likes” we get. Yes, it’s a strange business, this music.
      Facebook: http://facebook.com/bricksandmortarmedia
      Twitter: @bammtv
      YouTube: http://youtube.com/bammtv

    • Hello, Name is Andrew M. Galvan.
      I am the Hiring and Recruitment Coordinator at The Syndicate, an independent marketing and consulting agency based in Weehawken, NJ. We specialize in the promotion of consumer products, music artists, comedians, movies, television, live events and lifestyle trends.
      We are always looking for new members to join our Street Marketing Team!
      Check Us Out!
      I can be currently reached at andrew@andrewmgalvan.com

    • Gen X Radio is an internet radio station based in the Tampa/St Petersburg FL area. Founded on the eve of 2009, we are a member of the Live365 radio network. We primarily play 80’s based Classic Alternative, but take frequent excursions into the 90’s. Largely influenced by the legendary Washington DC station WHFS, Gen X Radio is an ongoing attempt to recreate the Alternative radio that Gen X’ers grew up listening to. We think of ourselves more as music archivists than dj’s, and are really excited about connecting with such a vast network of like-minded people.
      We also just began our first foray into blogging. You can find our post “How Internet Radio Can Promote With i-Tunes Ping.” through link below.
      HypeBot has been a great source of info. for us, and we post content from this site frequently onto our FaceBook account. We look forward to networking with some of you. Have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!
      You can find us on Ping as “Gen X Radio”
      To tune in via i-Tunes: Radio>Alternative Rock>Gen X Radio

    • Hey Everyone!
      I’m a producer/engineer/manager for a pop artist, Jenefer Siân (www.JeneferSian.com). I’ve produced, recorded, and mixed her first two singles all in our very own living room. They can be heard on her site at the link above. I also built that website using the wonderful tools at Bandzoogle.com. Hypebot has been a great help in giving advice and information about the music business in general.
      A little more about me… I graduated with an Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail in Sept. 2004. I’m currently enrolled at Full Sail again, in the online program to earn my Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. I’m currently 6 months into the program and literally have straight A’s and A+’s and a course director award from my Marketing & Strategic Planning class (go me!).
      Find more about Jenefer here:
      and me:
      http://www.MattSirrineMusic.com (also built with bandzoolge)
      AND today is my 29th birthday! Woohoo! Hypebot rules!
      Matt Sirrine

    • Hello! I’m a contemporary folk/acoustic singer-songwriter and my debut album “Jars of Clay” is out now via my website http://www.antheaneads.com – please stop by & have a listen. I’ve set up an independent record label (Rowan Leaf Records) to release my album, and am learning loads about the business side of the music industry which I knew very little about before! Would love to connect – you can find me on twitter (@antheaneads) and on myspace, facebook, reverbnation etc – all as Anthea Neads or username antheaneads. Or you can be direct and e-mail me (about music/music-biz related stuff) at antheaneads@gmail.com. Hope to make your acquaintance! xxx

    • Hey, glad to be here amongst all the can-doers,
      I’m Dzyan, guitarist/percussionist, partner in life, work and love to Maluvia, workin’ on lots of stuff, 6 new albums I’m really excited about, a back log of material, to be added to the album we finished in 2001, “Iludhra” that was called. I’m currently putting myself through a self-made crash course in internet music marketing, trying to develop the grace needed to effectively use all this vast social networking.
      Thank you guys for all your energy and effort to make all this happen.

    • Sorry I’m late to the party… fashionably I hope. I JPeck singer/songwiter for Bosco and Peck http://www.bosocandpeck.com and one of the hosts of the Song Swap Podcast http://www.thesongswap.com. We’re working on our new album(we’ve slacked for too long and need to finish), trying to finish our hypebot song on time and covering other indie bands and talking shop on The Song Swap. If any bands out there want to be featured on the show contact us: thesongswap@gmail.com

    • Hey all. My name is Corey. I am a writing intern here @Hypebot. Did my first piece this week which was exciting. I am from LA. Work for a music management company out here as a New Media Director/A&R. Been working here for two years and love it. I am also a music interviewer and reviewer. Some bands I have interviewed include of course, Lady Gaga, Midnight Juggernauts, An Horse, etc. Yesterday I got to interview Florence and the Machine which was really amazing.

    • Hi Matt, small world, I may have you in my class down the road! I teach in both the Music Business and Entertainment Business degrees at Full Sail. Nice to meet you (and happy birthday!)

    • Hi I’m Mr. D.P.M. I’m more of an experimental musician at the moment. I rap, sing (with vocoder), beatbox and produce. I produce hip hop, rock, acapella and house. some times I fuse them with each other and sometimes I fuse them with other genres such as electronic, and R&B. Aside of music I am also 2-D graphic designer.
      I also do covers of songs of my favorite music artists such as Michael Jackson.
      To see my music videos and covers go to: http://www.youtube.com/holaatdaman
      To download my music, go to:
      you can follow me on twitter at:

    • I’ll try to keep this brief but interesting enough to make you check out the links.
      I represent a merchandise company, http://www.badmonkeys.com, so if you need ANYTHING with your name on it, please call or write me….we also offer on-line stores for your merchandise and have an affordable “credit cards on-tour” program.
      I also represent a digital sheet music publisher, http://www.zmxmusic.com…..think your fans would be interested in purchasing sheet music of their favorite songs? If so, let’s talk!
      Happy holiday Weekend to all and thanks for the opportunity to self-promote.

    • Hey everyone, I am a very long time music industry professional. When it comes to artist support, you name it I have done it. From roadie to tour manager to manager to technology consultant. I am currently working on a artist/investor portal we will launch before years end. I love the Hypebot community.

    • Hi all and Hypebot team,
      Here’s Didier from France, still working on his “unLabel” project… great news so far : 3 albums will be released in October in our “WorldMusic meets Jazz” serie:
      * Djeli Moussa Diawara, famous Guinean Griot and 32-strings Kora Master
      * Alle’sTones, Next Generation Brass Band from Benin
      Enjoy their music, where African tradition takes you to new musical territories.
      Background info:
      Want to discover more music : my blog (in French with automatic translation) http://www.kotonteej.com or video channel http://www.youtube.com/kotonteej

    • Hello all,
      My name is Ivan aka Forty Fivan (www.fortyfivan.com). I’m a mobile industry business development executive by day and a record nerd by, ummm, every other time of day. I’m currently in the process of starting a creative mobile strategy consulting agency targeting the arts & entertainment industry. I’ll be working with artists and labels to build unique and comprehensive mobile solutions for promotion, interaction and of course revenue. It’s too soon to talk about it publicly, but stay tuned… hopefully you’ll hear more from me in the near future!

    • What’s up everybody?
      I’m a musician / blogger / web designer
      I blog about Marketing, Business and Self Improvement for musicians. My blog can be found here:
      I also regularly contribute to Echoes – Disc Maker’s blog:
      Sometimes CDBaby posts some of my material:
      and I also blog on Broadjam:
      If you’ve got any ideas on how we could work together then I’d love to hear what you’ve got. Please contact me here: http://www.broadjam.com/blog/independent-rockstar-blog/
      – Scott James

    • Hi guys!
      I’m a business graduate here in Switzerland and have entrepreneurial aspirations.
      My latest project is http://www.lalalamusic.com where I help musicians create, promote, distribute and perform their music.
      I’ve been a passionate musician for the last 15 years of my life, check out my band at http://www.hersweetsuicide.com
      If anybody wants to connect with me, feel free to do so under http://www.twitter.com/_lalalamusic_

    • Drummer for 15 years, worked in Biscoito Fino, a brazilian label, for 2 and a half years, managing music marketing and distribution. Starting my own company to plan and execute digital music marketing for artists and labels (already working with another brazilian label called Coqueiro Verde under my new company)

    • My name is Chris Davis, and I play classical guitar. I’m mostly interested in all the things you guys do and how to use them to spread the word about classical music. So, I play as many concerts as I can, I teach guitar, and I speak (occasionally) about what I’ve learned from marketing myself online. Just started a doctorate in guitar performance and moved to the North Texas area a few weeks ago.
      I also run a blog about my instrument (http://www.classicalguitarblog.net) because most of the folks who buy classical guitar music are themselves classical guitarists. Running mostly instructional content lets me connect with a lot of folks who are potential fans.
      AND I help out Guitar International (http://www.guitarinternational.com) with marketing. If you want Guitar International to consider you or your band for a CD review or interview, get in touch!
      Friend me up:

    • Greetings,
      I write and photograph music, with experience in Chicago, Milwaukee and Paris, France. I predominately write for Radio Free Chicago, but have just launched Mezzic and am currently seeking contributors for writing album/live reviews, interviews, or small features.
      During the day, I pursue graduate studies in media communications with a particular focus on Western Europe. Particulièrement sur la France.

      Hi, all. I’m a singer, mandolinist and songwrite (kinda in the opposite order I just typed) in Aurora, Illinois. I’m the kind of guy who felt that I had to read all of the comments and see who everyone was before I would let myself say anything about me. Hi!
      I read Hypebot. I would love your recommendations or your blogs about anything I can do to keep making music my living. If you would like to connect, check out ihatethekevintrudo.com and let me know anything I can do.
      Now to go follow your links and connect with the stuff I love.
      ‘Preciate! kt

    • Hey there! My name is Tyler Boone and I am a singer/songwriter from Charleston, SC. I just released my first two albums on itunes and on bandcamp this past summer and I’m busy away writing a 3rd record to hopefully be recorded by the end of this year in December.
      I am now working with “Chuck Town Music Group” which was started by Mark Bryan from Hootie and the Blowfish, so this is very exciting.
      Sure hope to be friend some of yall!
      -Tyler Boone

    • Hi everyone,
      My name is Freddy Walker. I am a recording artist in Las Vegas moved recently from Philly. I am producing my debut album entitled, “Songs from South Street.” While music is my passion I have been an entrepreneur for the last ten years and I am leveraging my knowledge and contacts as an owner/operator of several finance and marketing companies to further my career as an artist. I am currently #9 on the pop charts on Reverbnation here in Vegas and I have been told that my advantage is in the emotional components of my compositions. I am well versed with small business operations and I’m happy to assist anyone who contacts me in any way possible.
      More info about the project and my contact info can be found on any of the following:
      Persist to Prevail.

    • Hi. I’m the co-founder of HypedSound (http://www.hypedsound.com), a new social music platform for artists and listeners. Right now our platform has the usual profiles for artists to promote their music, but we also add specific modules for collaboration, finding bandmembers, relevant music links, blogs, forums, and a free download shop and widget.
      The main goal right now is building up a userbase and finding a CTO/lead developer to help take the site to the next level in terms of useability and features (think more on the lines of interactive music discovery).
      Jonathan Jaeger
      P.S. My music blog is syndicated on the HypedSound website as well as on my personal blog at http://www.jonathanjaeger.com.

    • Hey nice site as soon as my solo e.p is done ill send it to you …….. If you like it you can review it :)….
      It sounds like Jack Johnson met Owl City and decided to make a track
      and asked me to sing it

    • Hi, I follow you on twitter (@muchomattprice) I’m producer/songwriter who also does a little marketing consulting/web design for artists on the side. I’m interested in the emerging music business model and new ways to interact with fans. Thanks for the blog!

    • Aloha nui loa!
      I’m RootHub
      My music sounds like one foot in the jungle/ one foot in the city.
      I live on Oahu, but I’m writing you from LA.
      As a singer songwriter in the worlds most remote land mass (hawai’i) it is vital for me to stay connected to the constant changes. Thanks Hypebot!!
      I just came here from a east coast tour that ended in NYC. I finished at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. I was stunned to have the Williamsburg crowd clapping along with my last song on ukulele.
      What a life, what and adventure this music thing is.
      I love it!
      Would love to connect with everybody through music!
      We can connect here:
      and here
      Mahalo for sharing everybody!!

    • Hi, I’m Widhi, Indonesian, and avid reader of Hypebot.
      I worked at Sony Music Indonesia since 2004 to 2008. Together with the company, i succeeded in bringing many great talents such as Sheila On 7, PADI, Cokelat, Anggun, Julian Cely, Tata Young, and L’Arc~en~Ciel to the Indonesian market. i was awarded “Employee of the Year” in 2006, in persisting of using online media to promote music artists.
      Today, in my spare time, i’m managing some of indie band: Everybody Loves Irene which have appreciation award from TIME Magazine Asia as a band with no match alike in Asia, thedyingsirens which have many fans in local indie scene and newly solo singer songwriter Leonardo Ringo. And also doing some publicist stuff for big local solo singer, Astrid. And for living, i have a main job as the Music Editor for Ovi Music by Nokia in Indonesia.
      Looking forward for sharing the same passion with music!

    • Hi everybody!
      I run a little digital label called Synthematik. The label is focused on promoting and distributing music from talented but lesser known synth / electro / industial artists. We are offering our releases for free in LQ, while HQ versions are available for a small price. Since it all started nine months ago, the free versions of our releases have been downloaded about 110K times from the official links (not to mention the abundance of the unofficial mirrors) 🙂

    • What excites me are people who want to inspire others in a positive way that will make an impact on society at large. Most of all I appreciate those who are in pursuit of higher consciousness.
      Here is a band I play bass in and a couple of shows and songs I created and a taste of my personality. Hope you enjoy!!!
      http://www.reverbnation.com/rajasi http://www.reverbnation.com/bogus
      “Artsits of Our Time”
      “Alternative Points of View”

    • Not often shameless plugs are allowed! So here goes:
      I’m a Danish girl making music in a hard-to-define genre. The sound is dark and sweet, and combines elements of electronica, rock, and acoustics.
      I released my first album ‘Amateur’ in March 2010, handling every step of the process myself: writing, recording, producing, promoting, etc.
      I’m always looking for new ways and ideas on how to promote my music, for producers to remix my tracks, and for established musicians to collaborate with.
      So get in touch!
      Thanks for taking the time.
      Kat Boelskov.
      Facebook musicpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kat-Boelskov/175909611062?v=wall
      Website: http://www.katboelskov.com
      Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/KatBoelskov

    • Susan here with band, Whiskey Six. We frequently post Hypebot articles on our Facebook page as a way to bring interesting tidbits to our fans and fellow musicians!
      I spend at least an hour a day readying Hypebot’s various articles/blogs/information just to keep up with the everchanging market! I’ve recommended it to other artists as well.
      Check us out at http://www.whiskeysixmusic.com

    • Hi All,
      My name is Tasos Frantzolas, I run the sound effects website Soundsnap (www.soundsnap.com)
      We ‘re soon moving into selling production music and I ‘m lookign for new collaborations, ideas etc.
      Feel free to get in touch if you want (soundsnap ‘at’ gmail.com).

    • Posting from the Venice Arts Club located in Venice, CA. We produce, record and promote local music. Latest projects:
      ‘Doublewide’ from the band, The New White Trash, featuring 37 songs co-written and performed by uber-activist Michael C. Ruppert. http://newwhitetrash.bandcamp.com/
      ‘Poetry Is Ruins’ is a 17 song collection of instrumental soundtracks from local musician, Gunter Vile.
      ‘Venice Arts Club Music’, 8 volumes of music recorded at Venice Arts Club. This is a neighborhood project, featuring artists from around the globe.
      ‘The Cheeters’, a 3 volume set of super-cool alt/eclectic/rock n roll.
      ‘Alden Marin’, a local SoCal storyteller/singer-songwriter.
      ‘Fell Music’, produced in collaboration with ex-Zappa great Arthur Barrow. The Best of Fell Music is a 13 song set.

    • Hello hypebot community,
      Hope that everyone has had a great summer!
      I oversee sales and marketing initiatives at RightsFlow http://www.rightsflow.com , a licensing and royalty service provider. We represent artists, labels, distributors and online music services and help them license, account and pay songwriters and publishers.
      We recently launched Limelight http://limelight.rightsflow.com , a simple way for artists to clear any cover song. Designed by musicians for musicians, Limelight provides an easy way to secure the needed mechanical license for your CD, download and ringtone release. We just collaborated on a video with singer-songwriter Samantha Murphy (http://www.samanthamurphy.com ) sharing and showing the service (the launch was featured last week in a post on hypebot http://bit.ly/a264ka ).
      We’re excited about music discovery sites, communities and listening to new music. Please feel free to share your music and links with us.
      Michael Kauffman

    • Hello my name is Will Witt, I am an avid HypeBot reader. I work for Jaguar Amplification based out of Fallbrook, San Diego. We make boutique amplifiers that are meant to handle the road.
      Grew up playing bass in my hometown church, grew in my love for the music business. Walah! here I am

    • I am a National Sales Exec @ FreeAllMusic.com. We are revolutionizing the way people consume and share music on the internet. Our ad models & technology are the best in the biz. AMEX ZYNC is our charter sponsor. Go to http://www.freeallmusic.com to download a free track courtesy of ZYNC.
      All the news lately has been about streaming and clouds. Does anybody remember Downloads? Oh yeah, the artists sure do. The pirates are stealing their content by the billions every year. FAM is easy, legal & free.
      I look forward to insights & feedback.
      Best, JimbNYC

    • Greetings Hypebot Community,
      Particularly interesting is the geographic diversity in this comments section. People from all corners are following hypebot quite closely!
      (Fairly) recent grad, interned at:
      House & techno DJs http://soulclap.us/
      House & techno label http://airdrop.com/
      African/Global Hip-hop http://nomadicwax.com/
      I just did a handful of interviews at the Electric Zoo festival in NYC, coverage coming soon on airdrop.com.
      Looking to work in, ,learn from, and/or assist with anything music/new media related. Connect with me at fourdecksandthecity@gmail.com!

    • Hi all. I am an electronic music producer/engineer and freelance marketer and web developer currently seeking opportunities in music marketing. To find out more about my qualifications and specialties, follow the link with my name above. To find more about my downtempo/ambient/IDM tunes, visit http://music.nsputnik.com

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