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Justin Timberlake Says He Would've File-Shared Too

image from At a time when the RIAA and other trade organizations are trying their damnedest to disrupt the culture of file-sharing and persuade teenagers and college students alike to feel guilty for downloading music off the web, one of the most famous pop stars of this generation has sided with the fans. In an interview segment that aired on Good Morning America, Justin Timberlake admits to the anchor that, had he not skipped college and went onto become a multi-platinum selling recording artist, he would've illegally downloaded music of the web too.

This admission comes as Timberlake has been talking about the steps he took to study his role in The Social Network as Sean Parker, one of the co-founders of Napster. In taking the time to understand the arguments and the position that his character was in, Timberlake discloses that he started to feel more empathetic towards the fans that got sued than of the plight of the record industry or of the trade organizations that went after them. It makes you wonder what kind of message this sends to fans. On one side of the media they are being lauded as hard criminals and moral lacking demons, yet someone like Justin Timberlake concedes that he would've done the exact same in their position. Take a look: