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Music Industry News: France Says Yes To YouTube, RIAA Pushes, Musician + Author = Crap & More

Overheard @ Day 1 Of ADWEEK In NYC: "Widgets Have Inherited The Earth," Argues Marc Ecko.

This guest post is by Max Willens, editor of We All Make Music, a website dedicated to helping musicians thrive in a post-label world.  

image from "As brands become more human [in the social media space], you're going to see them acting differently because there's no place to hide anymore." - Bonin Bough, PepsiCo

More Great Quotes From ADWEEK Below:

  • "The widgets have inherited the earth." - Marc Ecko
  • "People are expecting to see more of a return on their social media influence. We're seeing this now more than even three months ago." - Garth Holsinger, business manager of
  • "I have two computers for music. One with what I wanna hear as I'm getting dressed in the morning, and on the other, which I use for DJing, I have the exact opposite." - Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson
  • "If you're trying to enlighten someone, you're turning them off." - Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson
  • "This [American Express's Unstaged event] is the marketing spin. They've [corporate sponsors] replaced the label." - John Legend
  • "Radio is still the number one driver of sales. If you have a hit on the radio, you're gonna sell, and it's unlikely you're gonna replicate that without it." - John Legend