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Project Futura: New MySpace To Launch Oct. 15

image from A major update to MySpace – code named Project Futura inside the company – will launch on or about October 15th. The new site wll feel more like Facebook with a cleaner interface and more white space, and will focus on an individualized activity stream according to TechCrunch.  Much of the design echoes an earlier Remaking MySpace project that was supposedly dropped when CEO Owen Van Natta left the company earlier this year.

Will It Be Enough To Turn The Tide?

In December 2008, MySpace had 125 million unique visitors delivering 43 billion page views according to ComScore. Today the site has just 95 million unique worldwide monthly visitors and 12 billion page views.

No matter how radical the redesign, could it be enough to turn MySpace around?


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  1. I think they’re too late to the game. They dropped the ball which is a damn shame considering they were (and still are to a very small degree) the “premier” music site.

  2. The cheesy and intrusive ads (even with the new beta layout) are embarrassing compared to facebook or bandcamp. “Is this photo real or fake” Are you kidding me?! Also, myspace has the worst sound quality music player of the three. It is crazy to me that the people did nothing for at least 5 years despite the rise of these other (BETTER) sites…

  3. So is MySpace going back to its roots and pushing the social media aspect or sticking to its guns and staying as a promotional tools for new music?
    I still consider MySpace the “premier” music site. If I ever hear of a band to check out I will automatically google [band] myspace.
    MySpace needs a good ol’ trim. I am excited to what they will produce.

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