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Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

I can't wait to see how this pans out...

I also see huge opportunities for Google TV opening their app platform and having artists/labels develop specific apps for that experience.

Exciting times!


Yes. I hope they get it straight by the end of Nov. so Xmas lists can include the new Google stuff for the people at the North Poll!

Gregory, Chicago IL

Yes I agree with Jun... Its about time to get other major into content distribution... Google is one of very few companies with enought resources and reach to bring help bring content into a paid realm... Very few companies have a mobile platform and search platform with 10s to 100s of millions of users... when they roll it out it will be Big REAL BIG!


Indeed we will be listening to some Google Music. Now why does Google need to record labels:) do you get it? Just open a sister site of youtube where insted of video sharing there will be Audio Sharing. Google has been infringing copyrights all over with youtube then why take permission for audio?


The Insider

Theres a very very very low cpm associated with audio-only pages compared to video. Google has to figure out the payment platform for Google Music. I recommend papal which also powers itunes store payment backend.

This isn't about competing with iTunes. It about what type of consumer experience they can deliver.

Erik K Veland

"Still Google has repeatedly shown its ability to compete in categories dominated by established players."

This sentence could not be more patently false.

Google Video? Wave? Buzz? Knol? Orkut?

Really the only shining examples of Google dominating a market with established players is search and ads. Heck, even Gmail is number two to Hotmail.

Shea Warnes

I think google music is going to be amazing.

I met Gary Chen CEO of top100.cn and chief exec of Orca Digital - music partner to Google's music. I was fortunate to be shown the ropes of Google Music China...

It is incredible. First off, they are Google. They can demand the advertising revenues to make this new venture sustainable.

How it searches is so easy. You know the tabs at the top? Search, pictures, videos. Music is added. Simply type what you want and it appears.

No need to download a programme, or wait for a minute while it loads up the catalogue. You can then either choose to download or stream (though I'm sure the download feature will not be available).

For me its the little touches. Example? Well when a song plays when you stream the lyrics appear in a box on the left. As the lyrics are sung, the words are highlighted - very much like a kareoke video.

We spoke about probable advertising models - one was silent adverts while the music plays. Like visuals in an old-skool media player.

I'll be posting a full article about it on my site.

But in short. It's gonna be a beautiful thing. Intrigued how Sony are gonna compete.

Shea - thetapmusic.com

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