Serve The Fan: Topspin Adds VIP Access

image from www.ajmnetworkpros.comA cornerstone of modern music marketing is the understanding that artists have different levels of fans. Some just want a free single; while others will pay well for access to much more. To help maintain and monetize the relationship with an artist's most ardent fans, music marketing platform Topspin has just added Topspin VIP Access.

Rather than creating the typical "become a member or not" club offering, artists and marketers using Topspin VIP Access can create an unlimited number of tiers and options.  In fact, while some top artists are building large scale fan clubs using VIP Access, other artists are using the toolkit to create fan offerings that don't even require membership ( i.e. “everyone who buys direct from the artist’s Web site gets b-sides and live recordings over the next 12 months!”).

Another Topspin upgrade makes it possible for fans to login using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MySpace instead of requiring creation yet one more user account.

Artists and music marketers are finally able to choose from a growing ecosystem of music marketing tools and platforms. Most have their own advantages and limitations. But while it's still not yet the single or even best solution for artist; by constantly improving its impressive toolkit, Topspin is establishing a standard that other music service providers are rushing to equal.

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