Slicethepie Retools Fan Funding, Partners With UMG

image from www.techdigest.tv(UPDATED) Slicethepie has made siginifigant changes to its fan financing platform. All financed artists now keep 100% of proceeds from their project. The site also finished conversion to US currency and added more flexibility in what artists can offer supporters. Recently,  Slicethepie has faced increased competition from Kickstarter and other funding platforms. More artists are also soliciting fans directly without middlemen.

Slicethepie has also partnered with Fontana Distribution, the independent arm of Universal Music Group. Fontana will recommend the best Slicethepie artists to their 80 U.S. labels on a monthly basis. To qualify, artists must be either fully financed or in the process of raising finance on Slicethepie and be a top rated artist on their analytics service, SoundOut.

Slicethepie fan financed artists also receive complimentary subscriptions to  Tunecore, SoundOut, Nimbit, SoundCloud, SonicBids, and Jango.

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  1. It looks like the artists must be happy to “win the jackpot” be being recommended to the 80 US labels of Fontana..
    The artists themselves are very often too much focussed on the “Old Style musicindustry” by wanting to release a physical CD and being signed to a recordlabel.
    They should more focus on the opportunities given through the decentralized network of which SliceThePie is also a partner.
    The artist should DIY2gether with services like Tunecore, Nimbit, SoundCloud. Keep your rights and future in your own hands!

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