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The Fleeting Value Of A Tweet: Statistics & Graphics

image from (UPDATED) While sharing with your Twitter followers is useful; the real hope of most tweeters is that their 140 characters go viral. But how often does that happen?  And how long does a tweet "live"? Online marketing firm Sysomos examined 1.2 billion tweets posted in the last two months to find out. Their benchmark: when a tweet generates a reaction or retweet, it suggests the the tweet resonated enough to spark a conversation or to share it with their followers. What they found may surpirse you:

Just 29% of Tweets Generate a Reaction

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Most Retweets Happen in the First Hour

92.4% of all retweets happen within the first hour of the original tweet being published, while an additional 1.63% of retweets happen in the second hour, and 0.94% take place in the third hour.

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Only 1.53% of Twitter Conversation are Three Levels Deep

Of all tweets that generated a reply, 85% have only one reply. Another 10.7% attracted a reply to the original reply – the conversation was two levels deep. Only 1.53% of Twitter conversations are three levels deep – after the original tweet, there is a reply, reply to the reply, and reply to the reply of reply.

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